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Last week we had over 64562 edits of that SasuSaku panel.

This week we are having over 64562 edits of that SasuSaku cover.


"Obviously there was not enough space on Narutos horse for Sak-"

If I hear such a explanation, I will laugh and flip 628368282 tables

❝ Sakura. Ride hard. ❞

- a three-word sasusaku fanfiction, for the Cowboy AU (xovr LOTR quote?)


To all sasusaku shippers:

modern family gif animated GIF

Worry not my friends :) I have a good feeling~ just wait and see ^^ But don’t be sad if it’s not the next chapter~ we all know what’s coming <3


man, kaguya’s gonna be so pissed
i mean, she had sent sasuke to another dimension so he would die alone AND THE DAMNED BOY COMES BACK WITH A GIRLFRIEND

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wait.. o.o

Guys remember, sasuke’s birthday is on July 23, which is on Wednesday..the same day the chapter gets released..
i hope kishimoto has planned something for this! :D
*cough* *sasusaku*

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